Hai Hung Foundation
The Voice of  Han


Hai Hung Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Virginia, USA in 2000. The objectives are: (1) to award scholarships to university or college students in financial need in Virginia, USA and Guangdong Province, China; (2) to publish "The Voice of Han"- an educational journal in Chinese studies and international relations.

We have awarded scholarships to 205 US and Chinese students and have published six volumes of "The Voice of Han" since 2000.

Website: http://haihungfound.org

Mailing address: Hai Hung Foundation, P. O. Box 3864, Fredericksburg, VA 22402, USA.

E-mail address: webmaster@haihungfound.org

Board of Directors: Dr. Sing Ging (President), Dr. Margaret Mi (Vice President), Mrs. Sue-Mei Chow (Secretary).

Scholarship Committee is formed by 4 PhDs.

Editorial Board: Dr. Soon H. Leong, Dr. Edwards Chang, Dr. Xin Hua, Dr. Shin Chang, Dr. Marge Mi, Dr. Chin Jen, Miss Hongbo Tang.

Information Technology: Mrs. Sue Cheng

Cover and Photo Design: Dr. George Meadows